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HOBY'S Commitment to Volunteerism

As you will learn during the HOBY Seminar, one of the most powerful ways to show leadership is through service to others. HOBY believes so strongly in the idea of servant leadership that we answered the call and created an initiative that challenges all Ambassadors to continue their HOBY experience long after the seminar concludes. Leadership for Service (L4S) is HOBY's service-leadership program intended to prepare young people to contribute to their communities through service-learning and volunteerism.

The objectives of Leadership for Service are:

To inform Ambassadors about the role and impact of community service;

To facilitate setting short-term community service goals;

To provide opportunities to connect with community service organizations; and

To provide documentation of program impact and effectiveness.

Each Ambassador is challenged to return to their community and conduct at least 100 hours of community service in the year following the HOBY Leadership Seminar. Ambassadors are asked to make a year-long commitment to strengthen their communities through volunteerism, and to track their success by logging their hours on the HOBY website, in the Alumni section. Since the implementation of HOBY's Leadership for Service program in 1998, participants have logged over 4 million volunteer service hours.

Through HOBY's Leadership for Service program, Ambassadors gain the tools, passion and commitment to serve others. To help young people realize the personal and social benefits of volunteerism and service, HOBY awards each Ambassador who successfully completes and logs 100 hours a special recognition packet, which includes recognition by the White House and Presidents Student Service Award.

In order to log your L4S hours, click the link below for the L4S portal.

If it's your first time, there will also be instructions on how to set up your account.

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