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Registration Details

Registration Fee: $395.00 per student registered

How do I register my student(s)?

School personnel or authorized HOBY volunteers may enter students into the registration system via the portal located here. You can also find the HOBY Registration Kit at that link as well.

NOTE: If you do not have your school ID and password, please email with your school name, school's mailing address, and phone number to receive this information by email. Passwords are case-sensitive. 

Where should I sent payment?

HOBY's address for receiving payments has changed. Please send all Registration Payments and Invoices to:

Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership

P.O. Box 8478

Pasadena, CA 91109-8478

How many students am I able to register?

Each school has the ability to register up to three (3) primary students, along with alternates. Once the initial deadline has passed, schools will be able to register additional students or convert their alternates to also-attending.

Who pays the registration fee?

Fees can be paid by the school, community organizations, PTOs, sponsors, or parents/guardians. If needed, the fee can be split between two or more entities. Payment can also be made in installments.

What if the student selected can no longer attend the seminar?

We encourage you to select alternate students in addition to your primary for exactly this reason. It's important to loop both your registered and alternate(s) into details around seminar and set a date by which the selected student should decide if they're going to attend. If your selected student does end up coming to Seminar, the alternate should know they are welcome to come too if they are able to pay their registration fee.

How should we select our student(s)?

At HOBY, we believe everyone has the potential to become a leader. Titles and official positions are just a small part of leadership.


The combination of opportunity, experience, encouragement, and support our ambassadors receive during HOBY leadership seminars is transformative. Students come to us unsure about their own leadership abilities and leave with the confidence to make a real impact in their communities.


We encourage schools to look beyond what a student does, and consider who they could become if given the opportunity. Academic, extracurricular, social successes are small pieces of what makes someone a potential candidate for HOBY.


We also recognize that a student’s access to extra-curricular activities in which they could potentially stand out as a leader are often limited by socioeconomic factors, and that these same factors can often affect academic performance.


HOBY values diversity in thought, experience, background, identity, race, religion, etc. There are many ways to lead and many ways to be a leader.


HOBY has no GPA requirements or prerequisite qualifications for Ambassadors.

This is a great opportunity for schools to Look beyond the same Academic All-Stars and the Student Council Standouts who are selected to every leadership camp (of course, those students are awesome & welcome too), and consider students who may otherwise be overlooked or excluded from programs with more stringent requirements.


While ambassadors selected using traditional metrics of success often have a good experience at HOBY, these are not always reliable indicators that their HOBY experience will be transformative.


When selecting ambassadors, we encourage schools to consider student character, interest, and potential.

Some characteristics to consider:

• Exhibits strong pro-social behaviors
• Compassion for others
• Open-minded
• Hard working (physically and intellectually)
• Service-minded
• Passionate about a cause
• Cares about their community
• Eager to help
• Interested in learning
• Has a positive mental attitude
• Encourages others
• Notices and tries to include other students
• Capable of rallying people

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