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If you'd like to get involved with HOBY West Virginia, complete the following:

1. HOBY Annual Volunteer Application

HOBY requires an annual volunteer application be submitted by anyone wishing to volunteer with a local seminar site. Once you fill this out, either our Corporate Board President or the Leadership Seminar Chair will go in and approve your application. To access the HOBY Volunteer Application, please click the link below.

2. HOBY West Virginia Staff Application

We require all interested volunteers to complete a Staff Application via Google Forms each year. This application allows us to get to know you and understand where your strengths are when volunteering. To access this form, click the link below.

3. Additional Forms

If selected to join our volunteer staff, we will reach out with a few additional forms to complete. 

Code of Conduct & Social Media Guidelines: All volunteers must agree to abide by the HOBY Code of Conduct and social media guidelines. These will be provided once your position on staff is approved.

Background Check: All volunteers who will be over the age of 18 at the time of Seminar must agree to a background check. We work with minors and it is our top priority to ensure their safety above all else.

Formstack: All volunteers must complete a Formstack application prior to arrival. This particular 'application' provides us with critical information about allergies, medical conditions, dietary needs, etc. and also allows us to provide staff with all necessary information regarding the Seminar. 

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